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   QMI BUILDING METAL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING LLC, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, specialized in the area of Architectural Products such as Fire Rated / Non-Fire rated Steel Doors, Acoustic Doors, Fire rated/Non-Fire rated Wooden doors and Wooden Cabinets as well as fire rated curtain wall system and fire rated access panels.


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Unique Identity

QMI has a unique identity for its quality products in and around gulf region particularly in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and in UAE. Bespoke door specifications are developed by our experienced team of design engineers and manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities to the

highest quality standards.

QMI has produced thousands of doors and frames to different prestigious projects in UAE, nearby GCC and African countries for different building applications. It now employs over 300 employees and is continuously serving its clients with nothing but the best products.


Certified Products

Our precision made doors are supplied with numerous hardware options to match the project specifications and installed by skilled teams of directly employed site personnel, who are all experienced in today’s construction procedures. QMI’s fire rated doors are tested and certified by Warrington Exova, Intertek and BMTrada certification agencies.

Years of Experience

QMI was founded in UAE in 2007 with the vision of meeting the growing demand of fire rated metal products in the market such as doors and frames, cabinets and access panels. Our joined up approach to supply chain management, purchasing, delivery and installation provides clients with assurance that projects will progress swiftly and efficiently.


When it comes to the environment, our choice is clear, we are pro environmental to the marrow.

We practice environmental protection on daily basis and over the entire life-cycle of our product, starting from the recyclable raw material we use in the manufacturing, to the process of the manufacturing, and later on in the process of delivering, finishing and fixing.

We target the sustainability of buildings not only through thermal insulation, but also consider energy efficiency and climate protection

during the entire life cycle of the building material.

• Recycling 98% of steel waste

• Recycling of production waste

• Recycling of wood transport pallets

• Recycling of production waste: oils, paper, plastics, filters, batteries, glue, and paint.

• Use of powder coating with 0 (VOC) content.

   We recycle 86.8% of our galvanized steel and this includes:

• A total post-consumer content of 51%

• A total post-industrial content of 32.5%

• The remaining 3.3% is comprised of home scrap.


      QMI is dedicated to achieve and maintain total customer satisfaction by supplying only the highest quality products and services while maintaining high level of ethical standards by:

      Ensuring that the fabrication, supply and installation of fire rated steel & wood doors are specially designed in accordance with the customer’s requirements, delivered as per the agreed schedule and at the most competitive price.

      Developing strategic plans and objectives for business

development as a continual improvement.

      Continuously improving our worker’s efficiency by developing

their technical skills through periodical training.

      Providing services in compliance with applicable legal/regulatory requirements.

QMI is fully committed towards achieving excellence through supply of good quality architectural product.