Steel Doors

QMI offers standard and customized doors and frames
to suit all requirements.

QMI manufactures a wide variety of steel doors based on project requirements such as:

ECO doors are best applied when practicality and functionality are what your project needs. They are designed for use
in ready-made houses, porta cabins, temporary oce buildings and medium duty commercial and residential projects.
Sheild heavy duty doors are temperature doors, designed to limit the transmission of heat from a fire.
Deco doors combine the beauty of wood with the benefits of fire rated steel. Ideal for areas of medium to high usage.
Silencio doors are designed to reduce sound, helping to keep noise to a minimum. Offering excellent sound attenuation
properties, they restrict the normal operating noise levels in and around commercial, industrial and public buildings.
Glass Tech doors With QMI Glass Tech you don’t need to sacrifice the element of elegance and beauty for the sake of
durability and protection. Glass Tech fire labeled doors, windows and partitions are approved and tested by both
Intertek testing services (Warnock Hersey) and Exova-Warringtonfire.
Security doors are a mark of excellence when it comes to the and loss prevention. QMI designs, manufactures and
installs high performance steel doors tailor-made to individual project requirements.
Ballistic doors are one of the latest additions to QMI doors manufacturing innovation. In line with the rise in demand for
some markets in the region, which suffers from security disruptions. The application of these doors are best in
government buildings and banks.
Inox doors are one of QMI most prestigious doors which symbolize class and elegance combined with the best quality
of materials and excellent performance

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