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Blast proof doors are essential in buildings that are at risk of intentional blast attacks such as terrorist attacks, or accidental blasts. A securely closed blast resistant wall panels will provide vital protection to life, infrastructure, and assets.  

Secure Your Space with QMI Blast and Gastight Doors: Unrivaled Protection

In an ever-changing world where safety is paramount, QMI proudly presents a range of Blast and Gastight Doors that set the standard for protection. These doors are meticulously designed to withstand the devastating forces of explosions, offering unparalleled safety for various applications. Whether it’s a government installation, industrial site, or commercial space, QMI Doors delivers the security and peace of mind you need. 

Why Choose QMI Blast and Gastight Doors?

QMI Blast and Gastight Doors stand out due to their exceptional capabilities:

  1. Versatile Design: Our doors are available in a variety of configurations, including single, double, horizontal, and vertical sliding doors. This versatility ensures a perfect fit for your unique requirements.
  2. Exceptional Blast Resistance: Engineered to withstand blasts with pressures ranging from 10 – 2000kPa and Category 1 to Category 4, our Blast Doors provide a robust defense against explosive threats.
  3. Gastight Expertise: QMI is proud to supply gastight doors up to the highest level of NORSOK and International CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) standards, ensuring airtight security.
  4. Customization: We understand that every space is different. That’s why our oversized Blast and Gastight Doors are custom-made to your exact specifications, ensuring a precise fit and maximum security.
  5. Safety First: Safety is at the core of what we do. Our blast-proof panels are designed to protect lives and property, making them an ideal choice for applications where security is paramount.

When considering QMI Blast and Gastight Doors, here are key specifications to keep in mind:

  1. Material:Crafted from heavy-duty steel S235 / S355 or SS 316L, our doors offer uncompromising strength.
  2. Blast Ratings: 10-2000kPa or higher upon request.
  3. Gastight Standards: Our gastight doors meet the highest levels of NORSOK 0.5m3/h.m2 and International CBRN standards (Finnish 0.2 dm3/s.m2), ensuring an airtight seal in critical applications.
  4. Frame and Hinges: Our robust frames and hinges enhance the door’s stability during and after a blast.
  5. Fire Resistance: Some QMI Blast Doors offer fire resistance in addition to blast and gastight protection, ensuring comprehensive safety.
  6. Customization: Tailored to your specific requirements, our doors come in various sizes, configurations, and finishes to suit your needs or can be customized to fit for purpose.

When considering QMI Blast and Gastight Doors, here are key specifications to keep in mind:

The ASCE has specified guidelines for the design of blast resistant buildings in petrochemical facilities. These guidelines divide the blast door operation into four categories. 

Category 1 –The door still has to be operational after a blast event. This is for example necessary when there is a risk of another blast and the door is a primary exit of the facility. 

Category 2 –With this category the blast door still has to be operational after a blast event, but can have significant damage. These blast doors has to be operational to prevent entrapment of personnel. The ductility ratio is between 2 and 3 for this type of doors. The recommended edge rotation is equal to or less than 2.0 degrees. 

Category 3 –The blast doors in this category does not have to be operational after a blast event. No major structural failure of the panel, restraining hardware system and frame is permitted. For this category the ductility ratio is in the range of 5 and 10, the edge rotation has a maximum of 8 degrees. 

Category 4 –Finally there is the fourth category. In this category the door also not have to be operational after a blast event and outward rebound force and resulting hardware failure is acceptable. 


QMI Blast and Gastight Doors find applications across diverse settings:

  • Government Facilities: Protect sensitive government buildings from potential threats with QMI Blast and Gastight Doors.
  • Industrial Sites: Enhance safety for personnel and equipment in high-risk industrial environments.
  • Commercial Spaces: Elevate security in corporate offices, financial institutions, and retail spaces.
  • Military Installations: Ensure the utmost security in military bases and defense facilities.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Safeguard vital infrastructure, such as power plants, data centers, and facilities requiring gastight sealing.


QMI Blast and Gastight Doors are the ultimate choices for those who refuse to compromise on safety. With the ability to withstand blasts across Category 1 to 4 and meeting the highest gastight standards, QMI sets the standard for protection. Secure your space with QMI Doors and gain the confidence that you’re prepared for any unforeseen event. Your safety is our top priority. 

 Blast Door Standards  

Blast Categories 

Sample specification of Blast Requirement 

Size: 3’0” x 7’0”  , Vision: Yes, 12” x 12” Visible , Pressure: 4 psi , Impulse: 28 psi-msec, Blast Direction: Seated, Rebound: 50%, Damage Level Category: II per ASTM F2247.  

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Single & double door exploded view​

Single door exploded view
Double door exploded view

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