Decontamination Solutions

Decontamination systems are versatile, finding application across individuals, shelter spaces, medical facilities, and transportation.

QMI stands as a beacon of safety and innovation.

In collaboration with internationally renowned companies, we bring together cutting-edge technologies and formidable strengths to create a harmonious synergy that ensures a secure environment even in the most critical of situations. With an unwavering commitment to safeguarding public health, our advanced decontamination systems pave the way for a future where safety knows no compromise. As an exclusive provider, QMI proudly serves as the sole supplier of Neosan systems in the UAE, reinforcing our dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions for a safer world.

NeoSan Labs is at the forefront of efficient responses to hazardous materials, providing unmatched solutions for various threat categories:

  • Chemical Hazards: NeoSan Labs’ products rapidly neutralize chemical threats, ensuring swift containment and decontamination.
  • Biological Hazards: NeoSan Labs’ innovative technology mitigates biological risks, protecting individuals and environments.
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals: Specially formulated products combat toxic industrial chemicals, aiding in the prevention of industrial accidents.
  • Nonconventional Toxic Agents: NeoSan Labs’ solutions provide robust defense against nonconventional toxic agents, crucial for unconventional situations.
  • Radiological & Nuclear Contamination (Cleanup): Addressing radiological and nuclear contamination with a focus on safety and environmental integrity, NeoSan Labs facilitates efficient cleanup operations.

Eco-Friendly Decontamination (Biodegradable / Non-Hazardous / Non-Toxic)

At the core of NeoSan Systems’ approach lies an environmentally conscious, biodegradable formulation with enhanced stability. This formulation enables the rapid decontamination of hazardous substances. Through close collaboration with diverse organizations, NeoSan Labs has advanced the DF200 technology and introduced the third-generation version.

Versatile Applications

These solutions prove effective in decontaminating:

  • Individuals: Ensuring the safety of people exposed to hazardous materials
  • Shelter Spaces: Maintaining the safety and purity of protected environments.
  • Medical Facilities: Preventing the spread of hazards within medical settings.
  • Transportation: Decontaminating vehicles and equipment to preserve their integrity.

Versatile Applications

The chemical that NeoSan Systems deploys is also compatible with any equipment in the world and can be sold separately. The different formats include:
  • NEOSAN LABS®️ CBRNE Foam: A heat-resistant decontaminating foam that redefines effectiveness and adaptability.
  • NEOSAN LABS®️ CBRNE Powder: A groundbreaking powder suitable for various water sources, maintaining consistent performance levels.
  • NEOSAN LABS®️ CBRNE Surrogate: Crafted for training purposes, this product simulates the handling and application of the actual decontamination agent.
  • DKON™️ Laundry Detergent: Beyond decontamination, NeoSan Labs introduces DKON™️, a detergent that neutralizes hazardous residue during laundry cycles. Free of dyes and fragrances, DKON™️ ensures thorough cleaning without harming fabrics.
In Conclusion

NeoSan Systems’ dedication to elevating hazardous material management highlights its commitment to safeguarding lives and environments. Through groundbreaking solutions, NeoSan Labs exemplifies the potential of innovation in addressing evolving threats, contributing to a safer world for all.

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