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With QMI Window, you don’t need to sacrifice the element of elegance and beauty for the sake of durability and protection. QMI windows, be it stainless steel or double gazed are approved and tested by both Intertek testing services (Warnock Hersey) and Warrington Fire. Our attractive glazed window provides a modern look and feels and adds a touch of class to the building décor without sacrificing the fire rating requirements. QMI fix windows can be integrated with many glass types from 5mm to 54mm thick glass depending on the integrity and installation requirements. QMI window is specially designed and common for projects such as malls, offices, Hotels, lift lobbies, airports, medical and hospitality buildings because of their aesthetically pleasing look and high performance.


• low to medium frequency Usage
• Standard Sizes: single door: W900mm x H2100mm double door: W1600mm x H2100mm
• Light weight
• Very economical
• Easy to follow installation instructions
• High strength-to-weight ratio


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