CBRN Shelter system


QMI stands as a local pioneer in the realm of safety and defense, specializing in the manufacturing of blastproof and gas-tight doors.  

Proudly recognized as a trusted provider, QMI not only offers cutting-edge solutions for shelter protection but also extends its expertise to include comprehensive CBRN collective protection solutions, air filtration and supply systems, air quality monitoring and advanced decontamination methods technologies.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and safety, QMI’s contributions play a crucial role in enhancing security and preparedness across various industries.

Discover QMI’s comprehensive range of NBC air filtration and ventilation solutions, CO2 scrubbers and blast valves, catering to all shelter sizes from compact private bunkers to expansive civil defense facilities. Beyond just blast protection, these systems prioritize air quality, offering a continuous supply of fresh air while maintaining optimal O2 and CO2 levels. 

Solutions for Private Shelters and Saferooms 

Introducing the Arconik’s SAFE 360, a compact NBC collective protection system, ingeniously designed to supply clean air and seamlessly fit within small shelters such as private bunkers, safe rooms, and containers. This compact system boasts easy installation and operation, all while remaining cost-effective. It aligns perfectly with normal room functions, requiring minimal space. 

Medium to Large Shelters

The Arconik’s BSM NBC air filtration systems presented by QMI are engineered for medium to large shelters, offering air purification solutions ranging from 100cmh to 1,800cmh.  

Unique USPs: 

  • These versatile systems find their place in classrooms, hospitals, and more.
  • Their compact design enables ceiling installation, maximizing space utilization during peacetime as well as floor installation (more traditional in previous generations of systems).
  • Standalone filtration systems with manual backup (up to 600m3h)
  • Flexible mounting options: floor, wall, or ceiling
  • Wide range of airflows, accommodating 36 100 to 1800 m3/h (in filtration mode)
  • Functionality in both CBRN Filtration and Ventilation Mode

Customizable Filter Bank Systems: 

Arconik’s Filter-Banks by QMI are tailor-made modular filter arrays, ensuring pristine air supply for extensive facilities or numerous occupants. Their adaptability suits different shelter sizes and requirements, with options for semi or full automation. These systems are found in subway stations, hospitals, and various large-scale shelters and bunkers. 

  • Shelter-specific airflow options, ensuring up to 18,000 m3/h or more
  • Designed to meet international standards and project specifics
  • Possibility of multiple systems within a single shelter
  • Integration with management software and remote control capabilities
QMI’s commitment to air quality and safety is evident in its innovative solutions, perfect for a range of shelter sizes and functions. Whether it’s the compact SAFE-360, adaptable BSM series, or versatile Filter-Banks, these systems ensure clean, breathable air under any circumstances. 

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