Seal the Deal: 7 Expert Tips for Selecting Sliding Doors in Your Commercial Space

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11 March 2024

Improved operation in a commercial establishment is always crucial to meet the increasing demand for effortless services.

To keep the working area in optimistic condition installing proper doors are always crucial.

Business owners, at times, are too reluctant to install the right kind of doors at their respective workplace. Either they lack proper knowledge of the type of door that is to be installed or are misguided by their manufacturers.

Why QMI?

  • 1. QMI, a reputable door manufacturing company in Dubai since 2007, has helped a lot of organizations in UAE and countries in the Middle East get robust commercial doors.
  • 2. In the past few years, our sliding doors have successfully gained a reputation for being a substantial option for a lot of commercial establishments.
  • 3. QMI is the only steel door manufacturer having certification in “fire-rated sliding stainless steel door up to 120 minutes
  • 4. Steel Sliding doors manufactured by QMI are becoming increasingly popular for their contemporary look and functionality.
  • 5. Doors manufactured us offer a sleek entrance to your commercial establishment while saving on floor space.
  • 6. In the recent past, it has been observed, that quite a few organizations have the requirement of sliding doors, due to a lot of reasons.
  • 7. These doors, manufactured by QMI are tailored to streamline operations and boost efficiency.


Let us discuss the factors you need to keep in mind before purchasing a sliding door.

Determine the Space Requirement-

Before you commence your search, measure the space where the door is to be installed. All you need to do is consider the width, depth and height available.

This would help you select a door that befits effortlessly and without any further modification.

Take into consideration the clearance space that is required for the door to operate without hassle. This includes the space required for the door to slide open without getting obstructed.

At the same time, additional clearance is required for tracks and hardware.

Optimization of the View and Light-

Select a sliding door having large glass panels. It allows a lot of light to pass through as it creates a lively and inviting atmosphere.

It decreases the need for artificial light during the day and allows for lower energy costs.

Opt for sliding doors in Dubai offering very little obstruction to the view. It allows customers to enjoy the adjacent areas within the establishments.

Consider factors like orientation, landscaping and the surrounding architecture to optimize the visual impact and daylight performance of the doors.

Suitable for Ventilation-

Proper ventilation helps fresh air come in and this is very crucial for good indoor ambience. If you are seeking to maximize the ventilation at your space, sliding is a preferred option for you.

Apart from additional functions these sort of sliding doors offer the option of allowing air to flow inside and can be tilted out like windows in tilt positions.

Test Door Functionality-

Commence by manually opening and closing the door quite a few times to check the smoothness and make sure there is no dragging, sticking or resistance.

Be sure about the locking mechanism and ensure it engages and disengages properly. The sliding door design you choose needs to lock and unlock seamlessly.

Check out for unusual noise or excessive vibration during operation as it could indicate underlying issues that need proper attention.


Selecting the optimistic commercial door for your commercial establishment requires careful consideration of various factors ensuring functionality security and aesthetic appeal.

By following the aforementioned tips on sliding doors in Dubai you can make informed decisions that are perfect to meet the specific needs of the particular business.

Investing in a sliding door enhances the appearance of the establishment, but also contributes to the overall safety along with comfort and efficiency in your space.

It ultimately enhances the experience for both customers and employees alike.